Proposed Budget Fiscal Year 2022

Quick Facts about Hanover County’s FY2022 Proposed Budget (PDF).

Each of the FY2022 proposed budget document sections described below are available to view in the corresponding pdfs.

This document (PDF) has the entire proposed budget (all sections combined) for fiscal year (FY) 2022.


This section is the introduction of the County’s FY2022 proposed budget, including a history and description of the government, basis of budgeting and description of the budget process. This section contains:

  • GFOA award
  • Board of Supervisors, county administration and budget staff listing
  • How to use this document
  • Vision, mission and values statements
  • FY21 initiatives update
  • County and departmental achievements
  • History and description of the government
  • County funds structure
  • Basis of budgeting and the budget process
  • Government organizational chart


This section is an overview of the County’s FY2022 proposed budget, including the County Administrator’s letter, budget highlights and summaries of revenues and expenditures. This section contains:

  • County Administrator’s letter 
  • FY22 proposed budget highlights
  • Summaries of revenues and expenditures for all funds 
  • General fund expenditures and revenues
  • Financial condition overview
  • Five-year General Fund Financial Plan

General Fund

This section describes the General Fund, which is the chief operating fund of the County and includes operating budgets for most traditional local government programs such as Public Safety, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works. 

All general tax revenues and other receipts that are not allocated by law or other contractual agreement to another fund are accounted for in this fund. This section provides descriptions for each department located under the General Fund. Each department is listed with a description, budget summary, budget highlights, goals and objectives and a summary of full-time equivalent (FTE) positions.

Other Funds

This section includes descriptions for all other appropriated funds which are not included under the General Fund. Other funds include:

  • Bell Creek Community Development Authority Fund and Lewistown Commerce Center Community Development Authority Fund.
  • Debt Service Fund
  • School funds
  • Economic Development Authority Fund
  • Airport Fund
  • Public Utilities Fund
  • Self-Insurance Fund

Capital Improvements Program

This section is an overview of the Capital Improvements Program (CIP), which is the county’s plan for expenditures on facilities, equipment, and vehicles over the next five fiscal years. 

All budgeted CIP projects are described in this section, including information such as the project’s title, department, functional area, location, description, timetable, operating impact and funding sources and uses.

Supplemental Data

This section includes 

  • Financial policies, additional references, resumes of certain County officials and the glossary.