Tower Co-Location

Co-Locating on County Towers

Application Process

If you are a private company and want to co-locate your equipment on a county tower, complete the tower co-location form (PDF) which includes the following information:

  • Names and addresses of the person and company/firm making the request
  • Name of the company requesting co-location
  • GPIN and address of the tower site proposed for the co-location
  • Reason for the use of that particular facility, the proposed frequency band of the equipment and a description of the equipment
  • Type of antenna to be used and requested antenna height
  • Proposed time line for the project
  • Preliminary site design drawing including any features to be added to the facility or the site of the facility
  • Description of any additional utilities, structures or equipment required at the site
  • Name, telephone number, fax number, email address and mailing address of the contact person
After the application has been submitted to Emergency Communications, the applicant must submit the following:
  • Structural analysis on the facility, analyzing the effect of the proposed additional equipment including a complete written report prepared by a qualified professional
  • Environmental study of the site if a new building or structure will be required including a complete written report prepared by a qualified professional
  • Grounding plan
After review of the plans, the applicant must:
  • Enter into a co-location agreement including provisions for maintenance with the county
  • Obtain a conditional use permit (PDF), building permit, and any other applicable federal, state or local permits, approvals or licenses


The applicant must pay all costs for the county's consultant/engineer to review the applications, advise the county staff and oversee the project on behalf of the county.

A deposit in the amount of the estimated cost of the consultant's services shall be paid at the time of submission of the structural analysis and prior to any county consideration of the application. If the deposit is less than the amount of all such cost, the applicant shall pay the amount of the shortfall within fifteen days of the date of written request.

If the costs are less than the deposit, the excess amount shall be refunded to the applicant following completion of consideration by the county.

Co-Locating on Privately-Owned Towers

Applicants wishing to co-locate on privately-owned towers must submit a building permit (PDF). If the height of the tower and/or size of the enclosure are increasing, please contact Planning at 804-365-6171 prior to submitting a building permit.