Mapping Services

Mapping services are provided by the GIS-Community Development Team within the Hanover Information Technology Department. Hanover GIS uses the latest ESRI software and other solutions built with vendor partnerships to meet a variety of citizen needs involving spatial data.

The Parcel Search and Mapping Application is here.

Hanover GIS provides several targeted mapping applications using ArcGIS Online (AGOL). Pick from the list below or view all Hanover AGOL applications here.

The GIS-Community Development Team also produces a variety of maps free to the public. Some of these include:

  • County Street Map: a two-sided wall map that labels all streets in the County and locates prominent facilities
  • Detailed Street Map Book: a 250 page book that contains 180 maps showing all streets and addresses in the county, and a 60 page street name index
  • Full size (30 inches x 42 inches) tax, zoning, and topographic maps in hard copy or PDF format
  • Courthouse Campus Map: a map of Hanover offices, departments, and court locations in PDF format

Email or call 804-365-6811 to request mapping services.