Hanover-Caroline Soil and Water Conservation District

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District Conservation Specialist 

The Hanover-Caroline Soil & Water Conservation District (H-CSWCD) has an opening for a full time District Conservation Specialist. The Conservation Specialist is responsible for performing a wide range of technical duties that pertain to the implementation of cost-share programs, services, and outreach. The position will focus on... (read more)   

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The District's mission is to provide and promote leadership in the conservation of natural resources through proper stewardship and educational programs.


The District promotes the conservation of natural resources through initiatives that include serving as a primary resource for educational and technical assistance to local government, schools, civic groups, agriculture, and urban, transitional and business communities.


The District consists of a citizen board of elected and appointed directors and a full-time staff of conservation, education, and administrative specialists.

Director Terms of Service

Two directors are elected to represent Hanover County and two are elected to represent Caroline County. Each serve a 4-year term and are elected in the November general election. Two at-large members are appointed by the Board to serve as directors. Additionally, non-voting associate directors are appointed by the Board.

Directors and Officers

  • Leigh Pemberton, Director, Chairman, appointed
  • Donald L. Wells, Director, Vice Chairman, Secretary, elected, Hanover
  • Cindy Smith, Director, Treasurer, elected, Caroline
  • George Rice, Director, elected, Hanover
  • Joseph H. Stepp, III, Director, Vice-Chairman, elected, Caroline
  • Laura Maxey-Nay, Director, appointed, Virginia Cooperative Extension agent
  • Tim Tobin, Associate Director, appointed, Caroline
  • J. Timothy Etheredge, Associate Director, appointed, Hanover
  • Casey Engel, Associate Director, appointed, Caroline
  • Meredeth Dash, Associate Director, appointed, Hanover