Elected Officials

Hanover County Board of Supervisors                   [4 year term]

Ashland District - Faye O. Prichard                        foprichard@hanovercounty.gov               

Beaverdam District - Jeff S. Stoneman                  jsstoneman@hanovercounty.gov

Chickahominy District - Danielle G. Floyd              dgfloyd@hanovercounty.gov                                       

Cold Harbor District - F. Michael Herzberg             fmherzberg@hanovercounty.gov

Henry District - Sean Davis                                    smdavis@hanovercounty.gov         

Mechanicsville District - Ryan M. Hudson              rmhudson@hanovercounty.gov

South Anna District - Susan P. Dibble                     spdibble@hanovercounty.gov

Hanover-Caroline Soil and Water Conservation    [4 year term]

C. Leigh H. Pemberton                                                          

George T. Rice

Commonwealth's Attorney                                      [4 year term]

Mackenzie Babichenko                                          mkbabichenko@hanovercounty.gov

Treasurer                                                                 [4 years]

Timothy Reed Boschen                                         trboschen@hanovercounty.gov

Commissioner of Revenue                                      [4 years]

T. Scott Harris - tsharris@hanovercounty.gov

Sheriff                                                                      [4 year term]

David R. Hines - drhines@hanovercounty.gov

Clerk of Circuit Court                                               [8 year term]

Frank D. Hargrove, Jr. - f.hargrove@vacourts.gov

Ashland Town Council                                             [4 year staggered terms]

Daniel McGraw

John Hodges 

Pamela Y. Sopall 

Steven P. Trivett

Anita O. Barnhart 

Virginia General Assembly

House Delegate 59th District  - H.F. "Buddy" Fowler, Jr.

House Delegate 60th District - Scott A. Wyatt 

State Senate 10th District - John J. McGuire III

State Senate 26th District - Ryan T. McDougle

States Attorney General

Jason S. Miyares

Governor's Office

Lieutenant Governor - Winsome E. Sears 

Governor - Glenn A. Youngkin 

House of Representatives

District 1 - Rob Wittman

District 5 - Robert "Bob" Good

US Senate

Tim Kaine, Class 1  

Mark R. Warner, Class 2 

VP of the United States - Kamala Harris

President of the United States - Joe Biden