Chickahominy Pipeline

Hanover County is aware that some property owners in the County have received inquiries from Chickahominy Pipeline, LLC about the potential development of a gas pipeline that would serve the proposed Chickahominy Power Plant in Charles City County.

Chickahominy Pipeline held a virtual public event on the evening of December 9 to answer questions posted by citizens. The link to the video is

Chickahominy Pipeline representative appears before Board

On Wednesday, Jan. 12th, a representative of Chickahominy Pipeline LLC appeared before the Board of Supervisors to provide an overview and answer questions on their plan to build a natural gas pipeline through five counties, including Hanover, in order to serve a proposed natural gas power plant in Charles City County.

No action was taken by the Board of Supervisors during the meeting on this topic, as this was not a public hearing. The Board of Supervisors had asked citizens to submit questions to be presented to the Chickahominy Pipeline representatives, and the questions were provided in advance to Chickahominy Pipeline LLC. These are the answers provided by Chickahominy Pipeline (PDF).

The Richmond Times Dispatch story about what happened at the Board meeting can be read here

All Board meetings can be watched live here and an archived version of the meeting is generally available on the same page the day after the meeting. 

The Developer

Chickahominy Pipeline, LLC is affiliated with Chickahominy Power, based on filings with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Any questions about the project should be directed to the company at

Additional contacts:

Irfan K. Ali
Managing Member
703-234-2223 (o)
703-371-5867 (m)

Tim Seibert
Managing Member
740-808-2872 (m)


Information on the pipeline’s potential route was provided by the contact listed in the property owner notice letter.

Property Owner notice letter
Full Route
Hanover Portion
Interactive Pipeline Location with Tax Parcels

SCC Filing

Chickahominy Pipeline has submitted a petition to the State Corporation Commission requesting a determination the pipeline is not subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction. Hanover County has filed a Notice of Participation and an Answer/Motion for Ruling with the SCC. Links to a case summary, staff details, service list, case activity, case participants and documents are available on this page.

On December 22, 2021 the SCC issued the Final Order that Chickahominy is a public utility and subject to SCC oversight.

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Chickahominy Pipeline hosted a virtual Open House on Thursday, December 9, at 6:30 p.m.; here is a link to the recorded meeting:  Please also note that the company’s website is if you wish to find out more information. 

Other Information

Letters From Company