Mobile Food Vendors

The following information is provided to inform all food service vendors of the requirements to operate in Hanover County and the Town of Ashland. The requirements have been set and will be enforced by the Hanover County Fire Marshal’s Office, in accordance with the most current edition of the Statewide Fire Prevention Code (SFPC). The Hanover County Fire Marshal’s Office will inspect food service vendors upon request, at established events, and at times unannounced in various locations in which food service vendors are operating. It is the responsibility of food service vendors to ensure they are familiar with the requirements and in compliance at all times. Operating permits may not be issued, or may be revoked for failure to comply.

To apply for a permit please (Click here to open application)

  1. Cooking Oils and Storage
  2. Extinguishment and Suppression
  3. Gas Systems
  4. Maintenance
  5. Miscellaneous
  6. Permits
  7. Tents and Other Membrane Structures

• Cooking oil storage containers within mobile food preparation vehicles shall have a minimum aggregate area volume not to exceed 120 gallons (454L) and shall be stored in such a way as to not be toppled or damaged during transport. (SFPC 319.7)

• Cooking oil storage tanks shall apply with the fire code (SPFC 319.8.1 to 319.8.5)

  • Metallic Tanks shall comply with UL 142 or UL 80 and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  •  Non-metallic are shall be listed for use with cooking oil and are limited to 200 gallons (757 L) per tank. They shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Metallic and nonmetallic cooking oil storage system components shall include piping, connections, fittings, valves, tubing, hose, pumps, vents, and other related components used for the transfer of cooking oil.
  • The design, fabrication, and assembly of system components shall be suitable for the working pressures, temperatures, and structural stresses to be encountered by the components.
  • Normal and emergency venting shall be provided for cooking oil storage tanks.


For questions regarding the requirements outlined on this page, to schedule an inspection, or submit required documentation, please contact the Hanover County Fire Marshal’s Office at 804-365-6195 or by email at When sending emails please include mobile food vendor in the subject line.

Food service vendors wishing to arrange an inspection as a requirement of any other process must contact the Fire Marshal’s Office a minimum of five (5) business days in advance.