COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

May 25, 2021

I have misplaced my vaccination card, how can I get a copy of it?  

If you have misplaced your vaccination card or realize there is incorrect information on the card, there is now a helpdesk to assist in replacing misplaced/incorrect COVID vaccine cards: use the online tool, call 866-375-9795, or email

Where can I get my 12-17 year old vaccinated?  

The only vaccine currently approved for those ages 12 and up is the Pfizer vaccine.  You can contact your child's pediatrician to see if they have the Pfizer vaccine.  Or, you may also use to locate providers/pharmacies who have Pfizer in stock near you.  We have Pfizer clinics schedule for some evenings, so please complete the district’s availability survey or contact the call center (804-365-3240)  

Who is currently eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?  

Anyone living or working in Hanover, Charles City, New Kent or Goochland ages 12 and older is eligible for a vaccine appointment with the Chickahominy Health District.

Please complete the Chickahominy Vaccine Clinic Availability Survey to let us know your availability.  

A scheduler from the health district's team will reach out to you with an exact appointment time & appointment confirmation once they have reviewed your survey responses.

How will I be contacted for my COVID-10 vaccination appointment?

Many people have asked what email address or phone number will pop up when they are being contacted to schedule their COVID-19 vaccination appointment.  There are several ways in which you may be contacted.  We have put together a list: 

1) Through our new scheduling system, Databasix, via an email from
2) By a phone call from one of our call center representatives or health district team members.  These calls will come from an 804 number.  Callers will give you their name, title and phone number. They will never ask you for your financial information. 

Another important note

You may receive an email with a link to a survey to complete telling us your availability for an upcoming clinic.  This email will come from either: or   Completing this survey does not confirm your appointment.  It is simply to check your availability.  Your appointment is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email with both date and time of your scheduled vaccination appointment.  Walk-ups will not be accepted at our clinics.

Where can I go to get my vaccine?

You can find vaccine providers near you by visiting Or, if you prefer to speak to someone, you can call the Virginia Department of Health’s statewide vaccination hotline at 1-877-VAX-IN-VA (1-877-829-4682).    

How can I volunteer to help with the vaccination campaign?

To volunteer visit:

Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

The Virginia Department of Health has created a listing of testing sites in the area.  They can be found by visiting:

How many vaccines have been given to date?  

Up to date information about the number of vaccines administered as well a breakdown of vaccinations administered by locality of residence: 

Will there be any accommodations at the vaccination site for those will impaired mobility? 

Accessibility will vary depending on location, however, the health department does try to accommodate those with mobility issues.  Please discuss any special needs with your appointment scheduler or alert a parking attendant when you arrive at the vaccination center.  

Once I arrive at a vaccination center, how will I know where to park or where to go?  Will I remain in my vehicle?    

Protocol for vaccination clinics vary from location to location, however, for events held by Chickahominy Health District/Hanover Fire EMS, there will be parking attendants instructing residents where to park and explain to them when they can enter the building. 

How early do I arrive before the appointment time?  Will I be waiting hours like at the RIR event?  

You should arrive at the vaccination center at the time of your appointment (not earlier).  We will do everything we can to minimize the wait time, however, there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that may arise that could result in a longer wait time.  It is our hope that residents will only need to wait about the same amount of time they would expect to wait at a routine medical appointment.   

What happens if I can’t make the first vaccine appointment? 

The Chickahominy Health District will continue to invite residents to future clinics, if they missed their first appointment. Please contact our call center, if you need to reschedule: 804-365-3240.

How much will the vaccination cost me?

There is no charge to the resident for the COVID-19 vaccine through our vaccination clinics.